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About Alicom S.R.L.

Ali.Com. Srl was born at the beginning of the 90’s in the Mediterranean area of Southern Italy, in a farming district, which thanks to its favourable weather conditions, gained high standards of productivity.

Over the years, the production, working on a very deep rooted field, has pursued a constantly improving trend, reaching high levels of quality which are world famous.

Established by far-sighted southerner trader, the company fully embodies in enterprise and passionate nature.

A constant screening of the best production in the territory, the search for alimentary traditions unknown to the mass market and daily controls guarantee the genuines that caracterize Ali.Com. srl products.

The key to the success of Ali.Com. srl, is the harmonious working-team with the efficient and well organized management and the serious safety the typically and natural growing.

The huge range of natural growing and of gastronomical traditions, characteristics of its land, always accompany the choices and the proposals of Ali.Com. srl.

Seriousness, reliability, competence, constant examination and ability management have crowned years of big success in Italy and above all abroad.

Giuseppe Lancellotti

CEO & Founder

Our Products in the World

Europe 10%
Far East 30%
Middle East 60%

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